Friday, September 04, 2009

Country Questions

Ok I was reading (ok trolling) on the Internet and came across the fact that September 15, is the Independence day of Guatemala. It got me thinking should I bring this up with Kiley? Should we bring the flag up and talk about it? So my dear friends any opinions?

Thursday, August 13, 2009


Ok so I have been trying to update but my darn computer keeps kicking me off. it is so frustrating. Ok anyways, things are good on this front. Tonight we will meet Kiley's new teacher. It should be great. I hope it is not too premature but I have been invited to go to Guatemala on a mission trip with my good friend's church group. I am so super excited. They are also planning to go to Africa sometime next year. How cool is that. I am right there folks right there. So much for the long updates. Lots of love.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Welcome Back Potter

Alright so I have been MIA. I have been extremly busy. For starters I became involved in Christ Renew His Parrish at my church. Specifically, I became the lay director. This involved a six month commitment of at least 8 hours a week. Let me tell you it was a very healing time for me. It helped me be a better person. Ok at least try to be. I am learning to heal. It is so cool. Anyways, my tour of duty has ended per say. I am with the group until the new lay director is discern. So I am back. I am back to twittering, back to blogging.
Now I know you want to know about Ms. K. She is wonderful. She is growing up so much. She is bilingual. Makes my heart flutter. She is attending catholic school two blocks from my office. Whoo Whoo. She is not to crazy about it as it just started. I am hoping she will change. If not we have a back up. No worries. Here is a pic.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

act your age not your shoe size

I have given in. I totally admit I am a follower of crazy trends. From wearing a pink swatch, puffy bangs in the eighties to now....a twitter account. I know what in the world am I doing with a twitter account. In my defense I am a follower of meet the press so there. :0) Honestly, it just seems like fun. So come on along and follow me. Peer pressure peer pressure... So I had this great post, it was funny, it was sweet it deserved the Nobel peace prize..but alas for some reason I hit the delete button. Where does that leave us. Unfortunately with bad news. My good friend Sharon's young 18 year old son, Matt passed away this weekend. I am really sad and hurt for Sharon and her family. Please keep them in your thoughts. On a happier note here is a video of Mrs. K. She did not want to take her medicine. We thought it was so funny.

Thursday, January 29, 2009


The flu has hit our home full force. With that being said, let me tell you that the Flu has nothing on Kiley. It is like a speed bump to her. Now Brad, poor guy he is walking around like a Zommbie. I wanted to take his picture but he absotulely refused.
Ok so I am a little frustrated with this new addition to our family. Bella has attacked all of my yarn. I mean it guys. I cannot leave yarn anywhere. I cannot work on a project without being attacked. :0) I can not tell you how many times I have had to restart my girlfriends blanket. So torn up was the yarn that I had to use a different yarn. It is not so cute to come home and see my unfinished project in the middle of the room. So that is where we stand today everyone. Take Care,

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

New family member

Don't get too excited. We brought home a lovely kitty named Bella. She is absolutely a doll. Kiley loves her Bella so much. Here is a picture of her. Cute huh...
My retreat was AMAZING. I was so moved. I was changed forever. If anyone has the opportunity to attend a Christ Renewal Retreat. DO IT!!! It will change you forever.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Ok Ok I have been a slacker. My only defense is that it has been CRAZY over here. First our trip then, the holidays. But now things are back to normal. Or sorta. Brad starts his travel season which essentially means Kiley and I will be on our home for a few months. :0( :0( I have a church retreat this weekend. I am excited it is called Christ Renew. I will admit I am nervous as well. I don't do well in groups like that. I feel intimidated but I know and feel like I should attend. Brad attended the mens version a few months ago and my goodness it made a change in him. I saw so much peace. It effected him so much he led the following retreat which was this weekend. Bless his heart though he was really tired. Now Kiley really misses her daddy when he is gone. This is what I stumbled into when I realized the house was way to quiet.

Cute huh.. Our trip well I've been trying to get the pictures from Brad but he has been hogging them. But here are a few from my phone. They are not so great but you kinda get the jest of it.
Hubby skis very well. Me not so much that is why I snowboard.

This is what Kiley thought of the airplane rides